Business and Project Management Services

Running various businesses abroad as business development manager has its limitations in strategic stages of the growth process such as realizing a local start up, scale up or particular projects. These stages require continuous dedication of time and efforts and thorough understanding of the local circumstances in order to keep the project under control and to conclude within a reasonable time span.

Italy is particularly challenging for its complex legislation and procedures. Link2Italy can fully support you in these stages as temporary local management. As a reliable and Dutch speaking partner we are able to keep you well informed and explain in a clear way all issues. Due to our longstanding local presence and proficient knowledge of Italian procedures and language we can interact directly with all local parties involved in order to keep the process moving forward.

Business management activities comprise management of amongst others:

  • setting up a new business, incorporation of new entities or scale up projects
  • selecting partners, suppliers
  • B2B and B2G matching
  • sales support, development and/or execution of marketing plans
  • public-private projects
  • scale up projects
  • HR support
  • banking solutions
  • organizing business events, participation in fairs
  • (private) real estate transactions, rebuilding projects

International Marketing Services

Corporate Services